ABC is the only national organization with a program dedicated to addressing the problem of bird mortality caused by collisions with buildings. Our publication, Bird-friendly Building Design, published in 2011, explains in straightforward terms why birds hit glass, what features make certain buildings more prone to bird collisions, and the science behind the collision phenomenon. Most importantly, the book provides cost-neutral solutions for new building construction and reasonable ways that existing buildings can be retrofitted to make them bird-friendly.    

Bird-friendly Building Design

ABC has produced the book Bird-Friendly Building Design to assist developers, architects, and building owners working with LEED Pilot Credit #55 – Reducing Bird Collisions; regulators and builders researching the application of voluntary guidelines or mandatory standards for buildings; or anyone simply looking for detailed information on the collisions issue and designing structures that minimize bird deaths. This website provides supplemental and updated information to this book.

Download a pdf of Bird Friendly Building Design

Help for Home Windows

Birds cannot see glass. As a result hundreds of millions die each year in collisions with windows, many on homes like yours. Now there's a simple, practical and affordable solutions all along:

While a few bird-friendly buildings have been designed on purpose, many more that incorporate bird-friendly strategies were designed entirely to accomplish other functional or esthetic goals.
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