Bird-friendly Building Design

ABC’s publication Bird-friendly Building Design aims to provide planners, architects, designers, bird advocates, local authorities, and the general public with a clear understanding of the nature and magnitude of the threat glass poses to birds. Built on the pioneering work of New York City Audubon, it adds a review of the science behind available solutions, updates solutions to the problem, provides many visual examples of how those solutions can be applied to new construction and existing buildings and includes an explanation of what information is still needed.

LEED Pilot Credit

ABC worked with the U.S. Green Building Council to incorporate ideas for bird-friendly architecture into the LEED green building certification guidelines. A pilot credit (#55) is now available for those who design and build using bird-friendly strategies.

View the Green Building Council’s LEED Pilot Credit #55: Reducing Bird Collisions

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Buildings Slideshow
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Many building designs incorporate strategies that incidentally reduce the threat of bird-collisions while solving esthetic, HVAC and other challenges. The buildings in this slideshow, many LEED rated and design award winners, illustrate bird-friendly design strategies, even though only one was designed with birds in mind.

Bird-friendly Design Case Studies:

See design details of building that were created with birds in mind.

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