About ABC’s Collisions Program

Hundreds of millions of birds die each year in collisions with manmade structures, including glass windows and buildings, communication towers, and wind turbines.

Thanks to the generous support of the Leon Levy Foundation, American Bird Conservancy continues to be a leading force in ongoing efforts to protect birds from collisions, working with industry representatives, the federal government, and other conservation groups to find solutions to this growing problem.

ABC’s Collisions Program addresses the collision threat to birds through multiple strategies, including research to identify effective collision deterrents, education of architectural professionals through courses that qualify for continuing education credit, development and broad distribution of information resources, helping manufacturers create bird-friendly products, and actively promoting bird-friendly legislation.

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An estimated 300 million to 1 billion birds die each year from collisions with glass on buildings, from skyscrapers to homes. Birds simply can’t tell reflection from reality. Even if a bird flies away after striking a window, it may die elsewhere as a result of the collision.

Birds and light

Light pollution is a major factor in causing bird deaths from collisions. Reducing light pollution reduces bird deaths while also saving energy and money, reducing greenhouse gases, and improving human health. Lights Out programs exist in many cities in the United States and Canada, and there are also some statewide programs.

Video of Bald Eagle Crashing Into Football Stadium Window Highlights Need for Bird Friendly Building Designs .

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Learn how Atlantic Cape May Community College solved its bird strike problem.

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